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Your Position: Home - Electrical Equipment & Supplies - What is the normal working mode of online UPS?

What is the normal working mode of online UPS?

Online UPS Definition

An Online UPS, often abbreviated as OUPS, belongs to the category of uninterruptible power supply systems. It employs a combination of rectifier and inverter circuits to deliver uninterrupted power to connected loads, seamlessly bridging power supply gaps without any interruption. This continuous power supply ensures that the load receives electricity both when it is readily available from the primary source and during power outages, with an instantaneous transition, commonly referred to as zero transfer time.

Online UPS is also known as a double-conversion system, primarily because it employs a two-step process for power conversion, involving a rectifier and an inverter.

Normal Operation Mode of Online UPS Power Supply

The normal operation mode of online UPS power supply refers to the normal operation mode of the subsequent circuit controlled by three channels after the EMI/RFI filter is used to appropriately attenuate and suppress the conductive electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference from the power grid when the input AC mains voltage frequency is within the allowable range.




Directly connect to the AC bypass power supply channel as a backup power supply in case of inverter channel failure. On the other hand, the battery pack located in the UPS power supply is floating charged by the charger, so that when the mains power is interrupted, the battery has enough energy to maintain the normal operation of the UPS; There is another way, which is converted into relatively stable DC power through rectifier and large capacitor filtering, and then converted into stable AC power through inverter, which is then converted into light and transmitted to the load equipment.


What is the normal working mode of online UPS

Advantages of Online UPS

1. Provides power conditioning and complete isolation of the load from the AC input.
2. Ensures uninterrupted power supply to the load at all times.
3. Power failures do not disrupt the mode of operation.
4. Negligible transfer (changeover) time due to the always-on condition.

Disadvantages of Online UPS

1. Continuous operation generates more heat, requiring substantial heat sinks.
2. Complex design.
3. Expensive.
4. High power dissipation.

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